Vertical Property – Asset Management:

For clients who want a professional, knowledgeable of the tenancy legislation and the Real Estate Market, who will be responsible for the management of their real estate in order to obtain the maximum profitability, feeling confident and protected.

Our objective is offer to our clients  each and every one of the services that they may need at any time in relation to their properties, from the most basic (timely payment of rent, application increases, tenant screening…) until if it’s necessary, deal with the sale of their properties.

Horizontal Property:

For owners Communities that want consolidate all issues that affect their estate, in a single person responsible for its management.

Once the Community has been registered in our database, a person of our office will be assigned to guarantee the proper function in a personalized way.

In both cases, our collaboration with a lot of industrial companies and liberal professionals, can offer to our clients a perfect solution to any incident that may occur.

All with the maximum rigor, seriousness and discretion that deserve the confidence deposited in us in order to deal with the management of your real estate or the owners Communities.